This blog, for the moment, remains available despite the fact that it's hosted in a flooded datacenter in Manhattan. Folks from Squarespace, my hosting and platform provider, and their datacenter partners are literally doing all they can to keep us on the Internet. They're manually carrying fuel to feed to generators, ensuring the pumps remove floodwaters from the building's basement, and troubleshooting any number of other problems arising when a sophisticated datacenter floods and loses power.

The threat of downtime for blogs and other websites (many that are far more important than mine) is hardly the most critical impact of the devastating hurricane. It is, though, one of the many disruptions, small and large, that sum to a major disaster. And the determined efforts of my hosts are small reminders of the grit and ingenuity humans so often show in the face of unexpected adversity, when the normal rules, the ordinariness of the everyday, disappear in an instant. Thanks my friends!