HydraText is a blog maintained by me, Christian Turner. I'm a law professor at the University of Georgia. I've taught legislation and regulation, legal theory, property, land use, the regulation of information, and natural resources law. I have degrees in mathematics and in law and have clerked for a judge, worked at a law firm, and taught in New York before coming to Georgia. Here's my faculty profile. Some of my academic writing can be accessed here. I'm @christor on Twitter.

This is not Christian.

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Oral Argument is a weekly podcast hosted by me and Joe Miller. Joe is also a law professor at the University of Georgia (with which neither the blog nor the podcast is in any way affiliated).

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Joe specializes in intellectual property law and also teaches antitrust law, among other courses. Before coming to Georgia he was a professor at Lewis and Clark. Joe has clerked for a judge, taught at Northwestern, and worked as a lawyer in the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice and in patent and general appellate law at Sidley & Austin. Here's his faculty profile

Joe's academic articles can be accessed here. He is @getmejoemiller on Twitter.