Our Episodes

(in reverse chronological order)

Gonna Work? (Live at the Tech Law Institute)
Tort Festivity (guest Shahar Dillbary)
The Entrails of Fowl (guest Charles Barzun)
Quasi-Narrative (guest Simon Stern)
A Random Walk
Equity (guest Emily Sherwin)
A Common Law for the Age of Regulation (guest Cathy Sharkey)
University, Court, and Slave (guest Al Brophy)
Unleash the Joe
Legal Asteroid
Bismarck’s Raw Material (guest Tim Meyer)
Drunk in a Dorm Room (guest Sonja West)
All over the Gander (guest Jonathan Masur)
Precautionary Federalism (guest Sarah Light)
Tug of War
A Few Minutes in the Rear-View Mirror
Power (guest Lisa Heinzerling)
T3 Jedi (guests Jeremy Kessler and David Pozen)
Facty (guest Alli Larsen)
Students As Means
Own the Block (guest Jocelyn Simonson)
Deficit Peacock (guest Daniel Hemel)
Baby Blue (guest Chris Sprigman)
We Are a Nation of Time-Shifters? (guest Mike Madison)
Adequacy (guest Josh Weishart)
The Blue Line (live audience)
The Content of the Mark (guest Mark McKenna)
The Further Freedoming
Missouri Duel (multiple guests in our second annual call-out show)
Felker's Chickens (guest Steve Vladeck)
Embodied Joe
Hymn, Part 2 (Our Strategy Is a Complete Failure)
Hymn, Part 1
We'll Do It LIVE!
He Said It Peabody Well (guest Dahlia Lithwick)
Listener Fuller
Jackasses Are People Too (guest Adam Kolber)
Brutality (guest Al Brophy)
Air Gap (guest Mary Ellen O'Connell)
Minimum Curiosity (guest Amanda Frost)
Looking for the Splines
The Guinea Pig Problem (guest Michelle Meyer)
Rolex Tube Socks (guest Mark McKenna)
No Drones in the Park (guest Frank Pasquale)
Contaminated Evidence (guest Brandon Garrett)
Listen to My Full Point
Monstrous Acts (guest Josh Lee)
You’re Never Going to Get It All Done (guest Kareem Crayton)
We Can Call It Awesome (guest Steve Vladeck)
Protect and Serve (guest Seth Stoughton)
A Struggle with Every Single One (guest Jessica Owley)
Viewer Mail
Minimum Competence (guest Derek Muller)
The Wisdom of the Bartow (guest Ann Bartow)
Folly Bridges (guest Sarah Schindler and friends)
Obscurity Settings (guest Woodrow Hartzog)
Light It on Fire and Shove It into the Atlantic
Cracking and Packing (guest Lori Ringhand)
Cronut Lines (guest Dave Fagundes)
No Throttling (guest Aaron Perzanowski)
A Satanic Level of Entropy
The Faucet (guest John Pfaff)
We Have Fully Exhausted the Topic (guest Amanda Frost)
The Pot Calling the Kettle Beige
Legal Truth (guest Lisa Kern Griffin)
Making Lisa So Mad
Noncompetes on Steroids (guest Orly Lobel)
Serial (multiple guests)
Some Stuff I Like and Some Stuff I Don't
Shotgun Aphasia (guest Orin Kerr)
Sense-Think-Act (guest Ryan Calo)
The Split Has Occurred
The Ayn Rand Nightmare (guest Fazal Khan)
You're Going to Hate This Answer (guest Steve Vladeck)
Hammer Blow (guest Michael Dorf)
Firehose of Equality (guest Anthony Kreis)
Multitudes (guest Bernadette Meyler)
There's Not Really a Best Font (guest Matthew Butterick)
Other Minds (guest Matthew Liebman)
Go Figure (guest Lori Ringhand)
Knee Defender
A Filled Milk Caste
Alpha Dog (guest Mehrsa Baradaran)
A Wonderful Catastrophe
My Favorite Case
Form 700 (guest Sonja West)
Normal Religions
Vacation from Competition (guest Kevin Collins)
Rex Sunstein (guest Ethan Leib)
Nine Brains in a Vat (guest Dahlia Lithwick)
Kind of a Hellscape (guest Brigham Daniels)
Twelve Billion Dollars
The Prayer Abides (guest Nathan Chapman)
Oral Argument (guest Tom Goldstein)
Flesh List (guest Kim Krawiec)
The Whole Spectrum (guest Jim Speta)
In the Weeds (guest Doug Berman)
The Astronaut's Hair (guest Lisa Milot)
A Special Place in Hell for Joe (guest Dave Hoffman)
Heart of Darkness
Big Red Diesel
My Beard Is Not a Common Carrier (guest Christina Mulligan)
Torches and Pitchforks (guest Mehrsa Baradaran)
Party All Over the World
Speed Trap
Productive Thoughtlessness
It Takes All Kinds (guest Logan Sawyer)
Grow a Pear (guest Sarah Schindler)
Cut It Off (guest Paul Heald)
Bust a Deal, Face the Wheel (guest Tim Meyer)
Send Joe to Prison (guest Sonja West)
Who Is Your Hero?